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Earthing products and accessories, and Lightning products.

We can asist you with:

Aluminium conductor
Brass couplers
Brass earthtail clamps
Brass male/female clamps
Brass M16 coupler
Brass earth clamp
Brass conductors
C clamps
C crimpets
Clamps - male / female
Clamps and couplings
Copper bond earth rods
Copper earth mat
Copper earthing rods
Earth bar
Earth cable
Earth clamps
Earth connectors
Earth fault relay
Earth mat
Earthing plate
Earth resistance tester
Earth rod (SABS approved)
Earth rod clamps
Earth rod clamp with coupling
Earth rod with drill tip
Earth rod with striker cap
Earth spike
Earth tail clamps
Earth termination network
Earthing accessories
Earthing clamps
Earthing equipment
Earthing mat
Earthing rod
Earthing saddles
Earthing spike
Earthing systems
Earthing tail clamps
Electrical earthing
Exothermic welding
Expanded metal copper earth mat
Fence connectors
Junction clamp
Lightning protection
M16 coupler
Tapes and putties
Twin and earth cable


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